Star Wars Or Supernatural Quiz: Who Said It - Luke Skywalker Or Sam Winchester?

Was it the legendary Jedi Master or the true vessel of archangel Lucifer?

Star Wars/Supernatural Film
The CW

With more than 300 episodes, Supernatural united fans of paranormal, town stories, celestial creatures into one fandom, one family, that doesn't end in blood. Dealing with their own family issues, the Winchester brothers fought evil taking us to Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, Oz and even Scooby Doo reality in their classic retro car. We bet you liked the journey - who wouldn't?

But how and when did the journey start? In 2005? Well, no. Inspired by mythology and symbolism, Eric Kripke always had this idea in mind. Finally, his obsession with the urban legends and Star Wars created the show about two cool brothers cruising in a car and chasing down ghosts, vampires and killing things that need killing.

Influenced by Star War characters Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, Dean and Sam Winchester became the new role models. Dean was the handsome and brave Han and Sam was the considerate Luke.

Both Sam and Luke were younger siblings, were strong and contained supernatural powers in themselves, but how much more do they have in common?

Let’s see how well you remember Luke Skywalker and Sam Winchester.

Answers at the end!

1. "You Can Either Profit By This, Or Be Destroyed."


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