Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Order 66?

Can you remember which Jedi specifically fell in this Galactic Tragedy?

Star Wars Episode Iii Revenge Of The Sith Order 66

Order 66. The Great Jedi Purge. The final days of the Clone Wars saw one of the darkest hours for the Jedi Order as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine executed Order 66, a secret protocol inside every Clone Trooper that forced them to turn on their Jedi Generals and comrades, resulting in the death of many in the Jedi Order. This harrowing event is depicted in 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

This came in tandem with the siege of the Jedi Temple, known in Legends as Operation: Knightfall, in which the newly appointed Darth Vader led the 501st Legion in a march against any and all Jedi which currently situated on Coruscant. These simultaneous attacks rid the galaxy of the vast majority of the Jedi, allowing Palpatine to sweep in unopposed as he claimed the galaxy for himself under the guise of the Galactic Empire.

Numerous Jedi Masters, Knights and Padawans were all slain in this devastating attack, however in subsequent films, TV series and books it is revealed that a handful of Jedi were able to survive the tragedy. Today we’re testing your knowledge of this galactic massacre by seeing if you know which Jedi were able to survive and which Jedi were killed. Only the Jedi specifically killed as a result of the activation of Order 66 and during the siege of the Jedi Temple will count!

1. Was Jedi Master Yoda Killed During Order 66?


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