Star Wars: Ranking The Jedi High Council From Worst To Best

Who ranks as the greatest Jedi Master to sit on the council?

Star Wars Jedi Council

No singular event in the Star Wars canon had quite as much impact than Order 66. With Palpatine revealed as Darth Sidious, true Lord of the Sith, and Anakin Skywalker at his side, the order wiped out the vast majority of the Jedi and lay the foundations for the Empire.

Not every Jedi was initially killed in the order or even during the subsequent Purge, but who was left didn't matter - the Jedi were dead.

The Jedi High Council tried to stop the rise of the Empire, but to no avail, and for the first time since their founding they were left in tatters.

The Council was made up of twelve Jedi Masters, the wisest and most powerful of Jedi who oversaw the Jedi Order and worked to maintain peace throughout the Galaxy. Though their duties once included simply maintaining balance throughout the Republic, war and politics had for a long time threatened their way of life, changing the way they worked until the rise of the Empire and Darth Sidious extinguished the Order completely.

The following list will rank every canon member of the Jedi High Council, from those imbedded in pop culture to those likely forgotten and unknown. Some spoilers follow.

24. Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars Jedi Council

Anakin Skywalker was on the Council for barely a second before he turned to the Dark Side and joined forces with Palpatine. Sure, he was bitter about not being made a Master, which blows and probably added to his distrust of the Council massively, but his short tenure and subsequent betrayal mean Anakin has to rank here.

He made have been a brilliant fighter, but he ended up on the wrong side.

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