Star Wars: Ranking The Lightsaber Battles From Worst To Best

Does Han Solo Vs the tauntaun in Empire Strikes Back count?

Episode VII: The Force Awakens is only months away from its release (just saying that gives this fanboy chills) and the rumor mill has raged with what the galaxy far far away holds in store for us. Expectations were already set high with JJ Abrams at the helm, but when the teaser trailer was released excitement hit hyperspace. Surprisingly, a moment of controversy arose towards the middle when a dark figure (presumably the movie's primary villain) drew a lightsaber with a very... unique design. Opinions warred between fans, some in favor, others abhorrent, of what is now called the cross-guard lightsaber. The irony here is that it's not the first time Star Wars injected a new lightsaber €“ Darth Maul's double-blade €“ and most swords have cross-guards in reality. The teaser ended on a black screen, only the ghostly sound of a lightsaber powering up before fading into silence. Of all the promises made to the fans for the new film one thing is clear: there's going to be lightsaber duels. And there better be; it wouldn't be a Star Wars without them. Before the new film adds its own duels to the saga, let's take a moment and revisit the lightsaber battles of the past. Here, listed from worst to best in our opinion, are all the times the weapon of the force clashed in a shower of sparks.
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