Star Wars: Ranking The Movies Worst To Best

star-wars Every young boy watched Star Wars when he was growing up. Fathers everywhere would show A New Hope to their boys to engage them in George Lucas' magical world just like they, years before. The memorable characters, the unique aliens and all this new terminology swept boys (and some girls) everywhere off their feet. George Lucas' creation was something to be absorbed by, to engage with and love for as many years as you wanted, for the characters and mythology would always be there. The original trilogy became a staple in pop culture as the world went mad for Star Wars at the birth of blockbuster cinema. And for good reasons. The original trilogy was unlike anything seen before, technically or narratively. There was a whole universe to lose yourself in, full of precisely drawn characters. The prequel trilogy allowed a new generation of fans to engage with Star Wars if they weren't familiar already. The prequels rejuvenated mainstream interest in the original trilogy as The Phantom Menace broke box-office records despite its failure as a piece of cinema. The Star Wars movies will always hold a place in my, and many others' hearts as they were a large part of growing up and so many hours were spent examining the tiniest of details within the universe.
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