Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker - Everything It Gets Wrong

16. Blowing the Palpatine Reveal In The OPENING CRAWL

Star Wars Palpatine Throne

Struggling to find anything worth doing that would ensnare those who despised The Last Jedi, at Star Wars Celebration 2019, none-other than Palpatine was confirmed to be returning.

Undoing Darth Vader's final good turn by making his actions in Return of the Jedi utterly pointless, Rise of Skywalker handles the Emperor's return with the care of a parent being late for their child's birthday.

No buildup, no payoff - no care or attention. Nothing but "Here he is, because we know you're overdue a present for What You've Been Through".

Thus, Palpatine's existence is folded into the first sentence of the opening crawl, and barely mentioned again.

Despite the fact Palpatine's return would be like finding out Hitler never died and has been hiding out on an island for the last few decades, what comes next is even more throwaway...

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