Star Wars Rogue One: 37 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

Prepare to geek out.

Star Wars Rogue One The Force Unleashed Rebels Godzilla Aliens
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Rogue One is now in cinemas worldwide, and fans have wasted no time at all in digging down deep to discover all those precious Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered.

Even though director Gareth Edwards stated that the movie would be more serious than usual and as such tone down the geeky, playful references, it's clear from even just one viewing that the movie is absolutely loaded with fun nods to other aspects of the franchise's continuity, as well as completely separate movies Edwards himself is merely a fan of.

Keeping your eyes peeled and ears primed for these secrets can be an enormous amount of fun, and if you want to see how well you did, here's our comprehensive compendium of everything we've discovered in Rogue One so far...

37. Dejarik Returns

Star Wars Rogue One The Force Unleashed Rebels Godzilla Aliens

You might not know its name off-hand, but you almost certainly remember that holographic beat 'em up game being played aboard the Millennium Falcon, Dejarik.

It reappeared briefly in The Force Awakens, and shows up again in Rogue One, with Saw Gerrera's rebels playing a more primitive, non-holographic version of it at their secret hideout.

It's a fun little nod and one of the less-subtle Easter eggs in the movie, such that even more casual Star Wars fans can probably pat themselves on the back for noticing this one.


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