Star Wars: Rogue One: K-2S0 Almost Died An Entirely Different Way

"I find that answer vague and unconvincing."

Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO

If you didn't know it before watching Star Wars: Rogue One, the exceptional anthology movie would absolutely have convinced you that we will all succumb to the grim reaper no matter how high we're billed. Death comes to everyone, and usually you don't get to choose to do it heroically to save the universe.

Since the film came out, it's been revealed that there were lots of different versions, with the Darth Vader attack originally not included, and a force choke death by the same villain cut out late in production. And according to Alan Tudyk, there were changes for the heroes as well.

Don't get your hopes up though, there was never a time when the team didn't perish in the Battle Of Scarif - it's just that the manner of their deaths wasn't always as it was in the final film.


Tudyk - who played MVP droid K-2SO - revealed to Collider that the droid wasn’t gunned down heroically in a last stand in the first draft. Instead, he was killed off by Orson Krennic. He also revealed, rather unfairly, that K-2SO didn't actually get a gun in that version either, despite persistently asking for one.

And don't get your hopes up about seeing the scene as an extra feature either - according to Tudyk, it was never actually filmed. Still, a nice bit of trivia all the same.

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