Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Virtual Reality Experience Coming To Disney Parks

Disney are working with The VOID, Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB to create a hyper-reality experience.


Disney parks are giving Star Wars fans a gift this Christmas, a new virtual reality experience.

Opening this holiday season at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida and Downtown Disney in California, the new hyper-reality experience will transport guests right in the heart of that galaxy far, far away.

Disney are working in collaboration with the VOID, Lucasfilm and their entertainment division ILMxLAB on this new Star Wars adventure. Thanks to the VOID's technology you'll be able to see, touch and even smell the world around you. You and your group will be able to interact with characters from the franchise and feel like you have truly stepped inside a video game.


The VOID are a company that specialises in creating immersive virtual reality experiences. They create all encompassing worlds in the aim of delivering an experience to the user where think forget what they are experiencing isn't real. They currently have an experience in New York's Madame Tussauds called Ghostbusters: Dimension.


Disney hasn't yet released any details as to where Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire will be set within the Star Wars universe. The image released does give a couple of clues as to what could be going on in the game. The planet in the concept art appears to be Mustafar, a volcanic environment and location of Darth Vader's castle. The image also features what appears to be the reprogrammed K-2SO from Rogue One. Could we be joining the Rebellion just before the Death Star plans are stolen?

No news when the experience will open, just that it will be this holiday season. Also no confirmation on how much it will cost to enjoy. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is being placed in the free admission areas of the parks, but I would guess that it doesn't mean it will be free to enjoy. Tickets for Ghostbusters: Dimension in New York cost $53 per person and include admission to Madame Tussauds.

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