Star Wars: Solo Trailer Breakdown - 20 Things You Need To See

Great job Lucasfilm, now don't get cocky.

Solo A Star Wars Story

After what's felt like an eternal wait, the first full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has arrived.

The trailer, which was first rumoured to be arriving as far back as October (then with The Last Jedi, then mid-January and so on) was teased with a rare Super Bowl spot from Lucasfilm, and landed on Good Morning America earlier today.

Whereas the big game spot largely kept Alden Ehrenreich's Han hidden away, with just one obscured shot of his face, the full trailer is more open about showing off its hero. Ehrenreich certainly looks the part in the scenes he appears in, although he's a far less cocksure version of Han for the majority, which fits with the notion of this movie taking place over a six-year span and him earning his reputation.

Elsewhere we get another great look at Donald Glover's Lando and a few of the big new players, and plenty of space-racing action. For the most part, and especially for a film with a lot of doubts surrounding it, the trailer does a good job of selling the movie, and there's a lot to unpack from it.


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