Star Wars: The Business Case For An Obi-Wan Spin Off Movie

obiwan A burning question on the mind of every Star Wars enthusiast is which character will get the first spin-off movie. Yoda, Boba Fett, Han Solo, Jabba the Hutt, we€™ve all heard the rumors. But this isn€™t simply a decision of which character is most popular. The future of Star Wars is on the line here. Ok, ok. We all know Episodes VII €“ IX are the big ones. But certainly Disney wants to do their best to protect their $4.05 billion investment in Lucas Films. And a great way to do that is to have spin-off movies that complement both of the existing trilogies, respect the expanded universe, all while setting up and complimenting the new trilogy. Here€™s how to do it (pay attention Disney). First, let's make the assumption that the new trilogy will have something to do with the New Jedi Order built by Luke Skywalker. Because all of us hard-core fans simply can€™t wrap our heads around anything else. And with the age of our beloved actors putting us 30 €“ 40 years past Return of the Jedi, there€™s an opportunity to use spin-offs to set some context of how Luke rebuilt the order so quickly (remember the Jedi order wasn€™t built overnight). That€™s where an Obi-Wan spin off movie comes in. Before I dig into the plot, let me say this. Ewan McGregor was one of the best things to come out of the prequel trilogy, we need to bring him back. He killed Darth Maul (at least cut him in half), he blasted the Jedi killer General Grievous and leveraged his experience to defeat the more powerful Sith Lord Darth Vader. This leaves us at the end of Revenge of the Sith with an Obi-Wan at the top of his game. So what was he up to for those 19 years in the desert? Does he just go into retirement and baby-sit Luke from a distance? I suspect that€™s not the case. I actually think he was laying the groundwork for the New Jedi Order. And that€™s how you use an Obi-Wan spin off to add some context and depth to the unavoidable 30 -40 year post Return of the Jedi void. obiwan2 Now let€™s build on some material from the expanded universe. We know from Shadows Of The Empire that Luke lived in Obi-Wan€™s hut on Tatooine for a short time between Episodes V and VI. We also know that old Ben left some goodies for Luke, specifically a treasure trove of information about the Jedi Order, the Force and parts and instructions to build lightsabers. But just how did he get all that stuff? Surely not on Tatoonine. So that means old Obi-Wan must have had a few adventures in those 19 years. Perhaps he broke into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to retrieve some valuable Jedi Holocrons, the standard vessel for passing on Jedi knowledge. A useful thing for someone rebuilding the Jedi Order to have. Maybe Obi-Wan had some help retrieving them. I€™m thinking about a friend from his past, one he grew up with in the Jedi Order. A fan favorite that would drive Star Wars fans into a frenzy. That€™s right, I€™m talking about Quinlan Vos. Clearly George Lucas had plans for Quinlan because he made sure Dark Horse didn€™t kill him off in the Clone Wars comics. In fact, not only did he survive, he had a son. A son that just happens to be Luke€™s age and a candidate for the new New Jedi Order (hello new trilogy tie-in). Interesting. Because it€™s clear that both Obi-Wan and Quinlan had a shared interest in stealing back some Jedi treasures. And while they€™re on Coruscant, they might as well kick some imperial butt. And maybe, just maybe they run into a certain Sith Lord. Just saying, we know that Disney is dying to figure out the right way to bring back one of the world€™s most famous villains to the big screen. Quinlan Vos is simply too cool a Jedi to be brought down by some clones (thank you George). I€™m thinking death by the most famous Sith Lord feels about right. 18_quinlan_starwars Ok. So Disney, let€™s make this happen. Ewan McGregor has already publicly stated he would be interested in reprising the Obi-Wan role. He even specified that he€™d like to have his return to the role be set in the time period after Episode III. And how can you possibly resist bringing Vader back quickly and in a way that would feel so right to the fans. That will really accelerate your payback on your $4.05 billion. Now let€™s recap the business case (ok it€™s not really a business case, more of a rational but just go with me here). An Obi-Wan movie will: (1) help rehabilitate the reputation of the prequels, (2) make more sense of how Luke€™s Jedi training progressed so much between Episodes V and VI, (3) make it more believable that Luke could build the New Jedi Order in one generation (which we know is his destiny) and (4) respect and build on the expanded universe the hard core fans have come to know and love. Sounds like a winner to me. When can I buy my ticket?

Andrew is a long time Star Wars and Marvel comics fan. He starting writing for because he enjoys writing and having the privilege of sharing his ideas and opinions with other like-minded fans.