Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 30 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

The Eggs are strong... Well, you know the rest.

Caught your breath yet? After being promised a film that delivers, Star Wars fans around the world have (mostly) now been delighted by JJ Abrams' nostalgia soaked rebirth. And this is where the fandom really shows: in post-release discussion and theorising. First though, it's time to pick over the references, Easter Eggs and in-jokes stuffed in. The obvious stuff is all in there: the music, the Starkiller base (seriously, you hie a massive weapon by calling it that?! Why not just call it Super Secret Mega Gun?), the crawl, the editing transitions. They aren't Easter Eggs, they're hallmarks, and not having them in would have caused actual riots in the streets. But we were promised more than archetypes and tropes: JJ Abrams has been talking up Easter Eggs for weeks now, and it seems that his promises indicate that a whole raft of obscurely hidden references will only be found on multiple viewings. Inevitably though, that should be taken as a challenge by the most passionate of Star Wars fans, and there are already a lot of Eggs being uncovered across the net. To add to those discoveries, here are the most notable Eggs we've found so far...

30. The Cameos

As has been revealed in the days since release, comedy Bill Hader worked on BB-8's voice (alongside fellow comedy actor Ben Schwartz), but he's not the only hidden cameo. Despite claims that Daniel Craig wasn't going to appear as a stormtrooper, he did appear, as the trooper who Rey mind-controls to free her from Kylo Ren's interrogation room. His voice sticks out a mile. That honour also went to Lost composer Michael Giacchino, who played FN-3181, and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich (FN-9330). There's also a sort of cameo for costume designer Michael Kaplan: British actor Pip Torrens plays Colonel Kaplanas part of the Resistance command. And Simon Pegg was the guy inside junk-yard overlord Unkar Plutt's sizeable frame.

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