Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Con Video!

The force is strong at Comic Con.

J.J. Abrams is a notoriously secret filmmaker. By now you've all heard a thousand times the story of his grandfather's box that he's never opened after decades of wonder and how mystery is one of the most important aspects of enjoying life, and absorbing movies. With every project that has his name, he prefers to reveal as little as possible. His Super 8 was essentially released with no fanfare... he wanted audience's first experience of the movie to be when they were sitting in the theatre, not quite sure about the journey they were about to embark on."You go to the theater, you€™re just so excited to see anything €” the moment the lights go down is often the best part" he told NY Times in an interview a few years ago. His Star Trek movies revealed as little as a big blockbuster would allow. But if he had trouble keeping the intricate details of his Star Trek films underwraps, he's got an even bigger issue now with Star Wars: The Force Awakens as he's six months away from releasing a movie that his employers Disney will expect to be the biggest film of all time. That will be the studio's expectations. If it's anything less, questions will be asked and heads will likely role. This ain't a tentpole release that defines a year... this is Star Wars that should define a generation. No doubt at Disney's request rather than his own, Star Wars had a big day at Comic-Con yesterday but J.J. Abrams may have, for now, managed to convince Disney to keep the big secrets away from the fans. There was no trailer revealed but instead a behind-the-scenes video which still does manage to excite and shows enough to keep the fans satisfied and giddy but refrains from revealing absolutely everything about the new film. You can see it for yourselves below; Along with some tweets and photos from the panel (via AICN)...
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