Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Did Amazon Just Spoil Finn's Father?!

Oh dear.

The issue of paternity tests in the Star Wars universe is a pretty big one, and now it looks like one of the most pressing questions relating to The Force Awakens has been answered. Namely: what is Finn's surname and why has it been shrouded in mystery so far? According to a rogue listing on Amazon, the question has been answered...

Let's take this with a pinch of salt. It might be a Disney official product, but the listing looks unofficial, and it may simply be a cynical attempt to draw more attention to an otherwise underwhelming listing in a saturated market. There's no marking on the box itself to signify that the patronage is even referenced. But then why has the listing got through? And what if it is true? Obviously there are some issues here: Lando clearly isn't a Jedi, so that would make the lightsaber wielding a little confusing (and is what has lead to suggestions he's actually Mace Windu's son). But then Han Solo has used a lightsaber before, so that's not a water-tight suggestion. And it may presumably mean that Finn was given to the Order at a young age as a sleeper agent to help bring them down from within. Would Lando really have surrendered his child for that? Are you convinced? Is this simply a naughty listing? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.

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