Star Wars: The Force Awakens In France First!

J.J. Abrams' Episode VII to open in France before anywhere else on December 16th.

The French tourism board really needs to send some flowers to Disney. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, probably the most anticipated movie since Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace, will officially open in France on Wednesday, December 16th before anywhere else. The movie will then open in the UK a day later on Thursday, December 17th before hitting US cinemas and the rest of the world on Friday, December 18th. Of course, there will be midnight screenings and likely other various special previews but as it would seem right now, the first time the general public will be seeing J.J. Abrams' newly envisioned Star Wars universe will be Dec. 16th. And that will likely mean many faithful Jedis around the world rushed to their computer today to book flights and accommodation in France this Christmas. Don't underestimate the power of the Star Wars fandom! Depending on where you live, it's 100 days or 100 days-ish until you'll have the opportunity to see the new movie. Plenty of time to re-watch those Star Wars Blu-rays that have been gathering dust on your DVD shelf for too long. So far, the force looks strong with this one doesn't it?
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