Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2 Breakdown - 26 Things You Must See

We're home.

Star Wars Force Awakens Bounty
Almost five months after JJ Abrams captured the attention of the world with what amounted to a fan-baiting sizzle reel with a beautiful Millennium Falcon money shot, the "real deal" is here. Or at least, a just under two minutes teaser is here. But considering the hype that washed over the film after those first brief moments, this latest footage released at the Star Wars Celebration might as well be feature length. And while DC and Warner Bros tried their hardest to distract some attention with their promise of a teaser of their own for Batman Vs Superman (apparently now audiences need costume department sizzlers), you can expect very little else to be talked about in the next few days. So what was learned? The content was brief but enlightening, setting up new relationships and introducing new characters. There's a very traditional feel (something Abrams has been keen to talk up so far) and both the villains and the battle scenes offer some serious promises for fans looking for further reason to get excited. It's a big deal. And wouldn't you know it, the money shot again went to Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon...

26. We're Home, Chewie.

Star Wars Force Awakens Bounty

And finally a fan-baiting money shot for Han Solo and Chewie, within the Millennium Falcon.

Is this a happy return to the ship after a time away? Does Chewie's cross-bow wielding suggest someone else is in the cockpit who shouldn't be? Time will tell.

It's only a matter of days until the full-length trailer hits with Avengers: Age Of Ultron (assuming the UK get the trailer too), so there's got to be even more to see.


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