Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 9 Major Blunders Fans Can't Ignore

"The best since Empire"? Hell no.

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They say Star Wars fans are never happy, and though it's true that we are a militant, doggedly passionate group of individuals who'll pick apart everything from continuity errors to the correct punctuation of "Twi'lek", there are moments - and indeed, entire films - that bind everyone together.

With that in mind, like the franchise so often likes to espouse, The Last Jedi is all about conflict, and it's split the fanbase right down the middle - mostly in part to some glaring blunders and illogicalities that are VERY hard to deny or argue against.

Because here's the thing: When J.J. Abrams finished The Force Awakens, that was it. No grand, arching plan for Episode VIII and IX, no idea of where the canon would go.

And it shows.

As many have found when working through their post-viewing emotions and reactions, what Rian Johnson has done sits somewhere between bold and ambitious, and potentially misguided. The very fact there are so many ongoing discussions is worthy of merit in itself, but there are a number of really noticeable flaws that stop this reaching the heights of the original trilogy, Rogue One or even The Force Awakens.

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