Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Secret Cameo Revealed

Yet another cameo in a galaxy far, far away.

Looper Joseph Gordon Levitt Rian Johnson
TriStar Pictures

As if having two princes, a pop star and Tom Hardy and Justin Theroux in The Last Jedi for cameos wasn't enough, we've now had confirmation from Rian Johnson that he's given a small role to his friend and frequent collaborator Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The director revealed the news while speaking at a promotional event in Tokyo confirming that Gordon-Levitt has a voice acting gig in Episode VIII (via Star Wars News Net and Twitter account The Premiere Report). He will apparently be lending his voice to an alien.

The pair first worked together on Johnson's excellent Brick, before the actor turned up in an uncredited cameo in The Brothers Bloom and starred in Looper to huge acclaim. He's clearly something of a good luck charm for the director.


Unlike Simon Pegg's role in The Force Awakens, Gordon-Levitt's performance won't have required him to actually turn up on set for filming as it's no more than a vocal dub. Then again, if your friend was directing a Star Wars flick, you know you'd get yourself on the set at least once.

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