Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rumour - Is Benicio Del Toro Boba Fett's Son?!

"No, Vikram, I am your father!"

Boba Fett Baby

As anyone still following the Who Is Snoke saga, nothing gets Star Wars fans hot under the collar quite like a fresh theory on why someone who appears to be one character is actually another one. It's probably not a new phenomenon, but with Disney encouraging a certain degree of theorising by purposefully cloaking their characters, it feels like the new trilogy has inspired even more rabid attempts to pin down the real back-stories of characters.

That's what happens when you build a saga on an "...actually, I'M your father" bait and switch twist, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The latest theory comes courtesy of Youtuber Mike Zeroh, who claims that Benicio Del Toro's mysterious presumed villain in The Last Jedi is actually the son of Boba Fett. His new video that the actor was listed on as playing Vikrum Fett, a surname that would have literally exploded the minds of lots of fans who saw it while it was temporarily listed as such.


Why temporarily? Well, since then his role has changed to TBA, but it hasn't stopped the rumours from seeping out.

Boba Fett is of course one of the most iconic characters in the original Star Wars trilogy (despite his limited time on screen and his frankly rubbish send-off), and there were teases in tie-in novel Aftermath that he might not actually have died in canon. And Disney seemed to know the value of the character (they would, he sells merchandise like few other Star Wars characters), with a spin-off planned and helmed by Josh Trank. Even with him out of the running, rumours persist that the film could be revived after the Han Solo project, so it would make some sense to reintroduce his presence to the new trilogy.


Obviously, none of this is set in stone, and the source is in no way an irrefutable one, but it's an interesting development all the same.

Here's the video in question:


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