Star Wars: Why Game Of Thrones' Creators Should Make Knights Of The Old Republic

8. It Needs A Series

Star Wars The Old Republic

A story like Knights of the Old Republic can't be told in just one movie. If you include more broadly The Old Republic, then you've got the potential for a multi-part series where each movie would stand on its own, but would allow for an incredible long-running plot and character development over its duration (indeed, there's a chance it would work even better as a TV series, but a movie series with Weiss and Benioff behind it is just as good).

That means you start off with the amnesiac protagonist and the Republic under attack from the evil and all-powerful Darth Malak, and sow the seeds of the conflict between them over the movies, allowing for a big twist to play out for anyone unfamiliar with the story and a clash that's both epic - the fate of the galaxy - and yet burns with personal rivalry and intensity.


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