Steve Carell Joins Meryl Streep In GREAT HOPE SPRINGS

I don't know if you have been watching The Office lately but Steve Carell's performances as clueless paper merchant manager Michael Scott have just been on another level since the show returned from it's festive break. Clearly emotional over leaving the show that has been such a big part of his life over the past six years, Carell is savoring every moment and on this past week's episode in particular, I couldn't help but notice an emotional sadness behind his eyes. It was probably intentional but there's a maturity seeping into Michael Scott and there were moments on this week's show that felt like Carell wasn't acting but just soaking up his last few days with his close-friends. Of course one of the reasons for Carell leaving the show is inevitably for him to grow as an actor and take on more challenging films roles more frequently, and one of his first post-The Office gigs looks likely to be the dramedy Great Hope Springs, that will film in August. Deadline says Carell is in talks to star as a marriage therapist Dr. Feld who hosts an intense counselling weekend for a middle-aged couple who are having problems after 30 years of marriage. Meryl Streep plays the female part of the couple, and she'll be working again with her Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel who helms at Mandate. No word on who has the husband part in the Vanessa Taylor (Everwood, Alias) written, black-list approved screenplay - but the opportunity to star opposite the greatest actress of her generation & Carell, will surely be a promising prospect for a who's who of men of a certain age. Keep an eye on Carell over the next coming years. He's got an emotional depth to him that I called Jack Lemmon-esque in my review for Dan in Real Life a few years ago, and I know from the way his eyes and voice light up with excitement when he talks about this summer's Crazy, Stupid, Love which he stars alongside Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore & Emma Stone, that there's something special he already has in the can. Dan Fogelman (Tangled) wrote the script and I Love You Phillip Morris duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa directed it, the movie opens July 29th and I think it's going to surprise many.
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