Stiller, De Niro & Wilson are LITTLE FOCKERS

Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson have signed on to star in LITTLE FOCKERS, the third in the "MEET THE" trilogy after MEET THE PARENTS and MEET THE FOCKERS according to The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business Blog. Universal previously were to call the movie MEET THE LITTLE FOCKERS but have now shortened that title to avoid audience embarrassment at the box office booth. fockers This time around, the movie will find Stiller and his wife (played by Teri Polo, who we believe has also signed on) as new parents. De Niro will return as Polo's Dad, always suspicious of her daughter's husband's intentions, though most of the time it's out of pure bad luck and coincidence that he is shown up in a bad light. Wilson, who had small-ish roles in the first two movies as Polo's ex-boyfriend, perfect in her father's eyes, is said to have a bigger part this time. AUSTIN POWERS director Jay Roach who helmed the first two movies will only produce this time and the three favourites to take over from him in the director's chair are Peyton Reed (YES MAN, THE BREAK-UP), Paul Weitz (IN GOOD COMPANY, ABOUT A BOY) and David Wain (ROLE MODELS). John Hamburg, who polished the previous two movies is finalising the script right now from an earlier draft by Larry Stuckey (who was associate producer on MEET THE FOCKERS and was writing his first screenplay) and Universal are gearing this up to film very soon. And not surprising really, MEET THE PARENTS and MEET THE FOCKERS have together earned $800 million for the studio.

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