Suicide Squad 2: Every Confirmed (And Rumoured) Character So Far

Seriously, don't get too attached.

Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad is one of the most bizarre franchises in recent movie history. In 2016, despite the fact that it looked incredible in its marketing campaign, David Ayer delivered one of the most hated comic book movies ever. It is easily the worst of the DCEU, and that is saying something.

Yet, with James Gunn at the helm for the 2021 release, The Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated and intriguing comic book movies currently in production. Even without knowing if this is really a sequel or a reboot, there are many reasons to be excited.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn took a team of complete unknowns from the Marvel Universe, and made them household names. Considering how passionate he is about this particular team, there is no reason to think he won't do the same for DC. But who exactly will these names be?

We know for a fact that there are a handful of characters returning from 2016's disappointing outing, but other than that, the director could give any number of a wealth of characters their first taste of mainstream success.


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