Sundance 2020: 10 Films Everyone Is Buzzing About

10. The Father

Sony Pictures Classics

Academy Award winners Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman headlining a movie? Sign us up! The Father chronicles the complex relationship between the two actors as family patriarch Hopkins - who suffers from memory loss - has to cope with the news that his caring daughter wants to move to Paris.

It's not just a straightforward drama, however, and there's a twist that should make the movie even more interesting: is this entire situation actually real, or is some of it imaginary, just a result of Hopkins' damaged state of mind?

Because of his illness, it's not always clear exactly what's going on. His daughter will show up being played by different actresses, for instance, and the same is true for her love interest, with Mark Gatiss and Rufus Sewell appearing on separate occasions.

Director Florian Zeller is adapting his own play here, meaning that he has a firm grasp on this story and will hopefully be able to deliver a touching and powerful drama, complete with a pair of terrific leading performances.


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