Larry Bishop, who had that small but extremely memorable role in KILL BILL VOL. 2 (remember Michael Madsen€™s sleazy and disgusting boss in the strip club who reprimanded him for being late) is showcasing his 70's nostalgic biker movie HELL RIDE around Sundance right now. Promoted under the "Quentin Tarantino Presents Banner", the movie stars Bishop as bad ass biker Pistolero, Dennis Hooper as Eddie "Scratch" Zero, Michael Madsen as "The Gent", Vinnie Jones as "Billy Wings" and Eric Balfour as "Commanche". The movie is about the unfinished business and shaky relationships that exist between them all. We might have the first contender for BEST POSTER OF 2008. I LOVE IT! I want this on my wall right now.

And is that David Carradine I spot? I didn't think he was in this movie. We await the trailer and reviews of this movie that those lucky bastards in Park City are seeing right now! Though I have just stumbled across some really cool pics of the film at Rope of Silicon. Just beautiful...


MORE PICS HERE. source - shock till you drop
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