Super Bowl 2019: 9 Major Movie Trailers To Expect (& 3 Not To)

The trailers, teasers, and TV spots that we're likely to see at Super Bowl 53.

Super Bowl Trailers

The 53rd iteration of the Super Bowl is upon us, which means lots of things: an inordinate amount of chicken wings, copious quantities of beer, gambling on a sport you don't really understand but what your friend who does assured you was a 'sure thing' (it's not), many people on Twitter making 'superb owl' jokes, and even more people on Twitter scorning those who make them. Amongst all that, there'll even be a game of football.

None of that, though, is the real reason to be excited for the Super Bowl. It's also not for the halftime show, which this year is... Maroon 5, for some reason. No, the reason the Super Bowl is so exciting is, of course, the trailers.

The game has an audience of a billion people, and it is prime advertising real estate, with even 30-second spots costing millions of dollars. It's this time of year that a number of the major studios choose to include first or fresh looks at some of their biggest upcoming movies, and 2019 is no different. There are already a number of trailers we can expect, but also a few that people shouldn't be getting their hopes up for.


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