Super Bowl Trailer For Seventh Son With Jeff Bridges And Ben Barnes

Monsters, magic and paychecks...

Legendary Pictures' Seventh Son has been delayed at least twice, and it feels like it was another lifetime when I saw its presentation at San Diego Comic Con. Jeff Bridges has aged so much while he's been waiting for this film to come out that they could film a sequel tomorrow and hardly need the make up, or to make any effort to speak with such a gummy voice. Buzz on this film has not been so good at all, but for fans of old-school adventure movies, the kind of films that used to have Ray Harryhausen stop motion creatures, there could be a lot to enjoy here. I coasted through all of 47 Ronin on the promise of monsters, so I'm sure I could do it again. And, of course, young Ben Barnes will appeal to a certain demographic just as much as Bridges and Julianne Moore appeal to me... and the pay checks for signing on to this picture probably appealed to Bridges and Moore's favourite realtors, bank managers and neighbourhood swimming pool salesmen. Seventh Son will finally be out on February 6th in the US. The UK release has slipped way back to March 27th, but I think I'll be able to handle the wait.

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