Superman Batman Movie Won't Be The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns Hall H was sent into an absolute frenzy at this weekend's Comic-Con when Zack Snyder made the announcement that the anticipated Man of Steel sequel would indeed star both Superman and Batman, facing off against one another no less. Snyder had Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix come out and read a line from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns - one in which Batman threatens Superman - causing many to believe right out of the gate that Snyder would be adapting the classic comic book story straight-up for a 2015 release (ahead of the Justice League movie in 2017). However, after revealing the movie's logo, Snyder was quick to state that this is not the case, remarking, €œwe€™re not adapting this thing, but it is the thing that will help us tell that story.€ Reading between the lines, that seems to say that this movie will be a spiritual adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, perhaps, but that it won't be using that title nor will it be sticking firmly to the plot points therein, which is smart given how poorly some of the narrative would translate to a contemporary movie. The point is that the key tenet of The Dark Knight Returns is antagonism between Batman and Superman, and Snyder has made it clear that this will be very much be key to whatever the film is that we eventually end up seeing. What do you think we can expect to see from this fascinating project? How closely will it nod to The Dark Knight Returns? Let us know in the comments below.
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