Superman Vs. Batman: 5 Reasons Christian Bale Needs to Return

1. He's Simply The best Batman Since Michael Keaton0__batman_returns My number 1 reason Christian Bale Needs to Return as Batman... well, it should be pretty obvious. He's the best. Many actors have portrayed Batman throughout the years. We had great ones, and we had some horrible ones, but to me Michael Keaton was always the best. He was the very first Batman I ever saw and I loved both his movies. I didn't much care for the others that followed. Val Kilmer was good but he wasn't Keaton, then there's another actor who played Batman but I like to pretend that movie doesn't exist, so I won't even bring it up. Then there's Christian Bale. I don't know what it was about him but the way he portrayed Batman was spot on. What I truly liked was he could be both Batman and Bruce Wayne, because A fault I tend to notice in other actors was that they couldn't transition very well, whereas Bale had the cocky rich boy persona down great. But simply, he needs to return as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. If not for the sake of the movie than please for the sake of the diehard fans who aren't ready for a new Batman. Feel free to comment and give me your feedback, as I'd love to hear what you the readers have to say.

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