Superman Vs Batman Movie: Potential Major Casting And Plot Leak On IMDB?

Superman_vs_Batman_38672 The Internet Movie Database has a reputation for being THE go to source for all things film. So when an image is attached to information of a particular film, we can safely assume that it has come from a relatively trustworthy source. If this is the case, what are we to make of the following 'press image' that briefly appeared on and was then promptly deleted from the 'Superman Vs Batman' entry page yesterday afternoon (26th August)? Bsnyivyiqae7ice This is hardly a shocking image, as the internet is currently rampant with 'reports' that claim Bryan Cranston will indeed be Lex Luthor in 'SVB', but that no formal annoucements will be made until Breaking Bad reaches its culmination in October. However, these are still just rumours at this point. Furthermore, this presents another interesting issue; just how on Earth could such a devisive image appear so easily on a major website? . The Forbes cover could well be a fake. It wouldn't be the first time some over zealous fanboy has taken casting rumours and generated their own imagry from it. And let's face it, getting a bald picture of Bryan Cranston then surrounding it with text is hardly the work of a creative genius...but it does pose a very tantalising possibility. If we are to treat this image as a genuine article - and one cannot help but be intrigued by IMDBs prompt removal of it as at least a tiny bit suspiciuous - then it sets up some fun plot points as well. Just exactly what are the "woes" of Waynetech? Does this mean that Ben Affleck's Batman is going to be suffering financially as well as emotionally? Maybe he has fallen out of favour with the board of directors? or maybe there is going to be a rivally between him and Luthor. This would certainly fit in with the 'hero' motif this mock Forbes cover presents of Luthor. What exactly was "stolen" from Metropolis? Is this a reference to the destruction caused in Man Of Steel or is it a clue at something bigger? The most intriguing word on display, however, is centre-top; "war". Who exactly is at war with who, and what precisely is the cost? If it is any more than the cost of replacing what Zod did recently, then there is a strong chance that not even Luthor and Wayne combined could afford the clean up. Would Cranston make a good Lex Luthor? Have IMDB slipped up and confirmed a massive rumour, or is it all an elaborate fake? What are you thoughts?
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