Superman: You'll Never Get 100% On This Man Of Steel Quiz

How much do you remember about the movie that started the DCEU?

Man Of Steel Henry Cavill1
Warner Bros.

Launching a new Superman film has never gone swimmingly for Warner Brothers. The only film that didn't have controversy surrounding it was the original film in 1978 and even that was later embroiled in confusion, mostly because its sequel Superman II became such a mess following Richard Donner's departure.

Superman Returns had been a box-office disappointment too as it tried to pick up Christopher Reeve's story decades later. So, when the powers that be finally called it a day with the first Superman timeline and allowed themselves to move on, fans were excited to see what a Man of Tomorrow movie would look like in the modern era.

Warner Brothers then handed their franchise over to Zack Snyder to bring it to life, cast little-known Henry Cavill in the title role and brought in Amy Adams to play Lois Lane. On paper, it looked to be a masterful retelling of Kal-El's story with stars galore surrounding our new son of El.

The final film, however, was divisive, and to this day the argument as to which film was better between Man Of Steel or Superman Returns rages on.

That being said, how much can you remember about the movie that launched the DCEU? Find out here.

1. What Year Was It Released?


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