Take A Glimpse At The X-Mansion In These New Deadpool TV Spots!

Fox's marketing starts to lean on the X-Men connection.

As the highly-anticipated release of Deadpool draws ever closer (hard to believe it's actually happened after all this time, eh), the amount of TV spots we're starting to see is naturally going through the roof. This week there's a couple of new ones which show off the Crimson Commando's allies Blind Al and Weasel, whilst also giving us extra glimpses of the X-Mansion and the Blackbird (familiar to X-fans as the X-Men's signature jet). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1tXfRRVjMM&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RQiDP0_CGA It's definitely cool that they're not shying away from the X-Men connection (and to be fair, they'd be silly not to flaunt it), as they could've gone the harder route of letting Deadpool stand on his own two feet, or some other nonsensical justification. It makes sense to amplify its ties to the larger franchise not only to please the fans but also the brand recognition for Joe Q Public. The patter between Deadpool, Blind Al and Weasel also looks great. It looks like the film will be making the most out of its hard R rating in regards to its humour as well as the action sequences. In other news, the film is also tracking for a $55 million opening weekend, which if reports on the meagre side of the budget are true will mean that it looks set to be a solid success. Here's hoping, if only so we can get that Cable & Deadpool sequel!

Deadpool is released 4th February 2016 in the UK and 16th February in the US.

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