Taken 2: 5 Reasons It Didn't Cut The Mustard

4. Logic Takes A Serious Holiday

Taken isn't the kind of franchise that you start picking apart because the logic is lacking, and the original movie super-prepared audiences for that mentality: after the level of damage that Mills brought to Paris, just how exactly he managed to stay out of trouble and return to the US is probably better left undisclosed. No answer could really excuse the body count in that movie. With friends in the CIA, it's somewhat believable that he could negotiate a deal and... whatever. This time around, all sense of logic has vanished completely. At one point, Mills instructs his daughter (over whom he is ridiculously protective) to lob grenades out of the window of her hotel so he can locate her. This horribly dangerous process is repeated a further two times. Later on, Mills and his daughter crash through the barriers at the US Embassy in Istanbul, take on the army, and manage to get OK'd to take a hike a few minutes later. These movies beg audiences for a large degree of suspended disbelief, but it doesn't seem likely that Mills would put his daughter in so much freakin' danger - especially since he doesn't even want her to have a boyfriend. And the man seems to somehow possess about as much power as President of the Earth: nobody can hold him responsible for his highly questionable tactics. Nobody.

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