Tarantino Casts His Charles Manson For Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Breaking Bad actor to play the notorious cult killer.

Charles Manson Tarantino

If you cast your eye over the castlist for Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, there's a good chance you might come to the quick conclusion that the director has assembled the greatest cast of all time. He's got Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Margot Robbie, Burt Reynolds, Damian Lewis, Scoot McNairy, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell and a whole host of other recognisable names all in one place.

It's a sprawling story, so it requires a sizeable cast with lots of those actors playing real-life figures like Steve McQueen, Roman Polanski, Bruce Lee and of course the Manson Family. And for a while, it looked as though the most notorious of those figures - Charles Manson - was set to be played by James Marsden, at least according to rumours.

But now, it's been confirmed that Tarantino has cast someone entirely different for the darkly charismatic cult killer who is a far less recognisable name. The director has gone with Breaking Bad and Justified supporting actor Damon Herriman, according to The Wrap.


He certainly has a look of Manson about him and a general creepy air (which has seen him cast in some very specific roles), though his casting suggests that the killer may not play as large a role in the story as might have been anticipated.

The Wrap are also reporting a load of other casting updates on the film, with Rumer Willis playing actress Joanna Pettet, Dreama Walker playing actress and singer Connie Stevens, and Costa Ronin playing Manson murder victim Voytek Frykowski. On top of that, Margaret Qualley, Madisen Beaty, and Victoria Pedretti will play Kitty Kat, Katie, and Lulu, who have all been created for the film.


Are you excited to see how this turns out?

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