Teaser Trailer For Kevin Smith Biopic, Shooting Clerks

Shooting Clerks is expected to premiere in September.

Shooting Clerks Since the digital revolution, it has become increasingly easy to make low-budget films in the mold of, for a particularly salient example, Kevin Smith's Clerks. All filmmakers need now are a few friends, the right know-how (and often suprisingly little of that) and some inspiration. The inspiration in the case of Christopher Downie's Shooting Clerks is exactly what you think it is. Here's a first trailer for the film, which offers a fictionalised account of the production of Smith's debut feature. Clerks has provoked many young filmmakers, I'm sure. This is just an exceedingly literal example of that. Smith himself is credited as 'the narrator,' which implies endorsement. That doesn't necessarily mean we're in for a sycophantic hagiography, of course. Anyway, maybe there's nothing much controversial to report about the making of Clerks anyway. I'm certainly not familiar enough with the history of the film to know. Shooting Clerks is expected to premiere in September. It's certainly a curio.
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