Tenet Review: 4 Ups & 6 Downs

Is Nolan's 2020 blockbuster worth it?

Tenet movie

Over the years, Christopher Nolan has increasingly become known as a filmmaker who alternates between "one for himself" (The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar), and "one for the studios" (returning for Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk).

For Tenet he's hot off nailing the highest-grossing World War II movie ever, and being both Inception and Interstellar each grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide, it feels like he's increasingly been given carte blanche to do whatever comes to mind.

With that in mind, we have his barmiest concept yet. A movie directly about portrayals of time and entropy, which Nolan himself is adamant is not a "time travel movie". That's debatable once you know the entirety of what unfolds, but the main takeaway is that Tenet as a film is sadly one of his worst.

I'll break things down as we go, but up front, I'm a huge Nolan fan. I champion what he brings to the medium, and as a creative force, his output exists almost on an island all its own - big budget, sci-fi infused conceptual thrillers made for a mass audience.

Very few directors would be given the green light or marketing budget that Tenet has seen, and whilst there are positives, in a rather shocking turn considering his track record, there are far too many faults alongside.

First, the positives.


Note: There are NO SPOILERS in this review.

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