Teresa Palmer Is Love Interest To The Undead in WARM BODIES

Last month we reported on Nicholas Hoult€™s attachment to the forthcoming Warm Bodies, a Zombie/romance €œmash-up€ at Summit Entertainment to be directed by the creator of The Wackness, Jonathan Levine and based on the popular novel by Isaac Morrison. Now, just a few days later, it appears the film may have its female love interest, another young and upcoming star in Teresa Palmer who has entered talks. She is set to play the daughter of a military leader in a war between zombie€™s and humans in what studio marketers are calling €œTwilight meets Dawn of the Dead meets Shaun of the Dead.€ The reason for the Twilight link is that Hoult plays a member of the undead (a zombie) who falls in love with the girlfriend of one of his victims (Palmer). The Australian actress, following a number of smaller film roles, made a significant break-through with her highly praised performance in the Spielberg/Bay produced sci-fi movie I Am Number Four and is no stranger to the genre or horror movies after enjoying parts in Wolf Creek, The Grudge 2 and The Sorcerer€™s Apprentice. Another Australian, Bruna Papanadrea (All Good Things) will produce the film through her own company, Make Movies. Executive production will be undertaken by the duo of Laurie Webb and Cori Shepherd Stern who will be working with each other on a feature film for the first time. Shooting is set to begin on this unconventional love story sometime in the summer.

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