Terminator 2 3D Review: 6 Ups & 3 Downs

A bonafide classic gets a gorgeous retooling.

Terminator 2 3D
TriStar Pictures

James Cameron's 1991 sci-fi action masterpiece Terminator 2: Judgment Day is back in cinemas now for a limited time, restored in glorious 4K and presented in 3D, which Cameron himself, ever the perfectionist, has painstakingly overseen.

Whether you're new to the world of Terminator (somehow) or it's one of your all-time favourite movies, this is undeniably one of the most tantalising classic re-releases in quite some time.

While the most devoted T2 fans might have misgivings with a few of Cameron's new visual choices, for most he has brought the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring classic back to the big screen looking better than ever before.

If you've ever desired to catch T2 in the cinema, this is an absolute must, delivering an epic dose of superb sci-fi mayhem just as the annual summer movie season has begun winding down.

For a more satisfying and crowd-pleasing experience than almost any movie released this summer, throw Arnie and Cameron a few bucks and soak in T2 in its most stunning form to date...


3. It's Only The Theatrical Cut, Sadly

Terminator 2 T1000
TriStar Pictures

Hardcore Terminator fans will no doubt be disappointed to discover that the version of T2 back in cinemas is the 137-minute theatrical original, not the much-loved Special Edition, which includes 15 minutes of extra scenes.

Considering that many fans view the scene where the T-800's chip is reset in order to learn as completely vital, and the Kyle Reese dream sequence and glimpses of the T-1000 malfunctioning certainly add something to the film, it's a shame they haven't also received the 4K 3D treatment.

While the theatrical cut is still a stone-cold masterpiece by any metric, the extended version is certainly one of the more popular director's cuts out there, and the chip scene in particular will feel like a massive omission to anyone who hasn't watched the theatrical version in a while.


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