Terminator 6: Everything We Know So Far

Arnie isn't the only one who'll be back.

Terminator 6
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After a pair of botched reboots, the Terminator franchise was left in a similar state to Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 after his molten metal bath in Judgement Day, but its fortunes could be about to change.

The rights to the series are on their way back to James Cameron and he has big plans to give it the revival it deserves, with two series legends among its cast, no less.

The original Terminator was a ground-breaking sci-fi epic that played on humanity's fears of technological pitfalls, and its follow-up is a contender for greatest sequel ever made, most quotable Arnie movie, and most rewatchable film of the '90s.

T2 brought the story to a satisfying conclusion, but since Hollywood can't let things lie when there's millions of dollars to be made, the middling Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines followed more than a decade later, and the series lost its way after this.

Salvation delved deep into the franchise's post-apocalyptic future with little success in 2009 and Genisys failed to reinvigorate the brand six years later, so it's a good job Cameron is taking Skynet and its cyborg army back to the drawing board...

10. James Cameron Wrote The Story

Terminator 6
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He'll be making Avatar sequels until two years after he dies, but James Cameron somehow found the time to put the story together for Terminator 6.

This is a big deal since it marks his first meaningful involvement with the series since Judgement Day in 1991, and he will have more than just a writing credit on the movie.

Cameron is overseeing the project as producer and has so far been hands-on in that role, with a say in cast and crew appointments and creative direction.

Whether the acclaimed filmmaker will remain so deeply involved in the film's development once Avatar 2 begins filming remains to be seen.


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