Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Reactions - 6 Ups & 6 Downs

Sarah Connor is BACK! And that's... good?

Terminator Dark Fate

The Terminator franchise is as inevitable as the tides. No matter how many poor sequels there seem to be (three if we're counting specifically), the studio fundamentally believes that there is enough fan enthusiasm and confidence in the brand to justify them continuing to make them. For a while, that was growing tiresome, but then in the wake of Genisys' failure (not at the box office, but critically), Paramount played their trump card by revealing they were rebooting back to Judgment Day and bringing back Linda Hamilton to play Sarah Connor.

Given how well the Halloween rebootquel did by following that exact same nostalgia-soaked model, this was always going to be a good idea and it gave Paramount a definite marketing hook for the movie beyond the Terminator brand generally. Whether they'd deliver on it properly or not was very much in the balance though, because everyone remembers the Genisys marketing campaign all too well.

And not the first teaser is out and we have more of an idea of what we can expect. Here's the trailer...

It's by no means terrible, but there are definitely some points of interest in there that are... less than inspiring to say the least. Then again, there are also things absolutely worthy of praise.

First, let's get into those negatives...


6. There's Literally A Glitch In It!!

Sarah Connor Glitch

So, if you're going to do a countdown and make a really prestigious event of your hotly-anticipated trailer (and it was hotly-anticipated as around 12k people were watching the countdown live as the trailer kicked off), you should definitely make sure it's actually been checked for bugs.

That clearly hasn't happened here, because at around the halfway point when Sarah Connor says "I've never seen one like you before," her face literally glitches. It's like she's Princess Vanelope from Wreck-It Ralph. It might seem picky, but come on, how many people watched this and missed that?!

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