Terry Crews replaces 50 Cent who replaced Forest Whitaker in THE EXPEDNABLES!

Over the past few days, the role of Hale Caesar in Sly Stallone'sThe Expendables was the subject of something of a merry-go-round last minute casting after the long time attached Forest Whitaker had to pull out due to scheduling difficulties. On Wednesday, AICN ran a story which originated from Stallone himself proclaiming, rather shockingly that rapper 50 Cent would be replacing Whitaker in the movie. The annoucmenet disgusted and worried many, that such a great actor, a recent Oscar winning leading man would be replaced by Cent. But those worries were quashed on Saturday when AICN once again ran a story for The Expendables, now claiming that former San Diego Charger Terry Crews would play the part. EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS And the world was happy once again.

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