Terry Jones plans ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING as a full Monty Python reunion?

Deadline are reporting that former Monty Python director Terry Jones (The Holy Grail, Life of Brian) will film Absolutely Anything in the spring, a U.K. financed comedy he co-wrote with Gavin Scott (Small Soldiers) that includes "aliens, a goofy Brit, a talking dog and buckets of silliness." British comedian John Oliver from The Daily Show is set to lead, Robin Williams is in talks to voice Denis the Dog and Jones has recently put offers out to his former Monty Python mates John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam to voice the aliens. If they all accept, it would be the first time the surviving Python five have all worked together since The Meaning of Life was released 27 years ago. Little is known about the Phoenix Pictures movie at this point, though with talking dogs/aliens, it's safe to presume it'll be a live action/animated film. Though we should remember Jones' last feature film, an adaptation of The Wind In The Willows in the mid 90's was completely live-action and that featured talking toads. It was also surprisingly tolerable, and managed to attract everyone but Gilliam - so we wonder if he'll be the killjoy again? and we wonder why Jones hasn't worked since?
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