The 12 Days Of Deadpool Have Begun!

Culminating in a brand new trailer on Christmas Day.

Once again the viral marketing for Deadpool is on form as the man himself has introduced #12DaysOfDeadpool on 20th Century Fox's YouTube channel. In it, he drinks "eggnog" and informs us about the concept; that each day in the run-up to Christmas, a different website is going to have some new treat for us regarding next year's spinoff movie, resulting in a brand-spankin' new trailer on Jesus' birthday. I'll let the Merc with a Mouth take it from here: One of the sites featured in the calendar there is the Deadpool Core, which we reported on last week. If you want the treat from Sunday 20th, you'll have to sign up to over here. I think Ryan Reynolds and Fox are continuing to do a great job with the marketing for Deadpool, and it's my hope that audiences warm to the fan favourite character when he bows in February. Reynolds for one deserves a superhero franchise with legs, as Green Lantern did him such a disservice; it's obvious that he is a much better fit for Wade Wilson than he ever was for Hal Jordan, and I reckon the fans are going to love his proper take on the character. Deadpool is released 4th February 2016 in the UK and 16th February in the US.
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