The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 8 Leftover Plot Points That Really Need Explaining

Spidey2 When The Amazing Spider-Man was first announced, it's fair to say it was met with a mixed reactions from fans. Some were excited about the prospect of Spidey getting a fresh start, whereas others were wary of seeing another origin story so close to the end of Raimi's trilogy only five years previously. The film received favorable reviews when it was released last summer, and grossed $752 million worldwide. There are at least three sequels coming, the first of which will arrive in theaters on April 17, 2014. The third film is expected to arrive in 2016, with the fourth planned for 2018. Despite receiving positive reviews and acting as a successful relaunch of the character, The Amazing Spider-Man left fans a bit outraged by its conclusion due to the numerous plot threads that were left dangling after the credits rolled. Alex Kurtzman, who wrote the sequel along with Jeff Pinkner and his longtime collaborator Roberto Orci, recently conducted an interview with I Am Rogue, in which he addressed the questions and how they would be explored in the sequel:
"Well, it's interesting because the first movie asks all these questions and what I loved about it in so many ways is that it didn't answer them. So part of what we were drawn to and intrigued by was wanting to know the answers to a lot of those questions. So the villains emerge from the a lot of unanswered questions at the end of that movie and none of them are random at all, they are all tied together by a theme, an idea, and I think they come from our curiosity about what was going on in the life of Peter Parker and his parents."
It's refreshing to know that the questions weren't only left as sequel bait, and will be properly explored in the future. With the release date of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 only six months away, I thought this would be a great time to look back at the first film and find the 8 biggest leftover plot points that need addressing...

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