The Amazing Spider Man 2: Sinister Six Teased In New Images

The Amazing Spider Man 2 The updates, surprises, and teases just continue to pile up for The Amazing Spider Man 2. Just when there seems to be a final calm and all is said and done, another surprising revelation comes forth that leaves us scratching our heads and wondering in amazement over just what Marc Webb and his cronies has in store for Spider Man's second outing. Lately most of the surprises have been teasing new additions to the villains roster, along with some newly released images that nod towards small, contained moments within the film that will carry out the plot. The latest article I posted even brought up the Jim Carrey rumuor of whether or not he would be playing Carnage at some point in the series. But the latest turn of events points back towards the direction of another hinted-at surprise that was talked about a few articles ago: the inclusion of the Sinister Six. This particular tease has been running rampant across the internet ever since Webb's intentional giveaways hinting at the possibility of some of Spidey's classic villains making an appearance. From that point is was merely speculation in the form of hope wrapped up and presented to the eager fans. But now the anticipation has been ramped up even more by another of Sony and Webb's doings. Sony released a fresh batch of new images from the production of The Amazing Spider Man 2, some that we've seen before previously and some that are.....intriguing, to say the least. We won't publish the ones we've seen previous as three of the nine images are recycled images from previous updates, while the remaining six are new and untried. One includes Paul Giamatti's character, Aleksei Sytsevich, wielding a gun inside the cab of the OsCorp truck he stole; another involves what appears to be Electro leaning against a pole, probably before his initial reveal in Times Square; another has Dane DeHaan holding a production camera for some unknown reason; another has Spider Man creator Stan Lee on set, inspecting something of keen interest. Paul Giamatti Amazing Spider Man 2ElectroDane SpidermanAmazing Spider Man 2 Stan Lee 600x338 The final two images are the most amusing; one has a man, eyes closed, sitting or standing in front of a white background, with the blurry silhouette of a hand reaching out in front of his face, all the while a green dotted line is horizontal with his cheek and nose. Most curious, as this could mean anything, but the probable guess would be something OsCorp related. The Amazing Spider Man 2 The last and most anticipatory image is the one of a man sitting down outside of a camera station, with "Sinister Six" in decals right above his head. Talk about a dead giveaway. Amazing Spider Man 2 Sinister 6 Building 600x530 I know as a fan that surprises in comic book films are often the most rewarding aspects because of the shock value that follows, surprising even those totally unaware. Even a few hints towards those surprises are nice....but a straight giveaway? Call it what it is, but I'm really not surprised anymore after this latest reveal, whether purposeful or not. Curious? Yes. Surprised? Hardly. Ever since the end of Comic Con, Marc Webb and crew have been tight-lipped over the rest of the production and even said that they would keep quiet on some surprises that are being left for the fans when the film is released next year. So does this latest Sinister Six truly confirm them as an official presence later on in the series, seeing as how no one on the production team is willing to give away any more secrets? The reveal of the Sinister Six must be true if that's the case, otherwise Sony wouldn't have administered the release of these latest images. Now this isn't saying the Sinister Six tease is a bad thing, but wouldn't you think we, as the fans, got the idea already? Sure, the image of the man with the mysterious green line across his face is interesting and captivating enough to keep our wondrous minds open, but seeing a blatant Sinister Six tease really doesn't have a bearing effect anymore, seeing as how most of us most likely reasoned that possibility out several weeks ago. What do you guys think? Are these new images enough to keep you pondering? Has there been enough teasing with the Sinister Six idea? Should there be a little bit more to keep us interested in the idea? Feel free to let your opinions be heard in the comment section below.
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