The Amazing Spider-Man: 5 Questions We Still Want Answered

Five mysteries that The Amazing Spider-Man didn't resolve.

Alright, so, as I am writing this article, I've enjoyed many a film over the course of my summer vacation. From classics like Rosemary's Baby and The Wild Bunch, to surrealist explorations of the human psyche such as Mulholland Drive and Existenz. However, among an endless list of oldies, there have several recent releases that, while severely hyped, have all, in some shape or form, disappointed their audiences. Among these blockbusters in The Amazing Spider-Man. While I found the movie to be entertaining, filled with great performances, fine special-effects, and several (intentionally) comedic moments, there were a number of aspects that the filmmakers clearly found secondary to the story, failing to properly develop certain elements throughout the movie. As a result, I found myself often going on and on about various questions, things that were brought up, but ultimately failed to receive any sort of closure. While my memory is a little fuzzy, seeing as it came out nearly a month ago, I'll do my best to list some of the many things that were never resolved by the end of The Amazing Spider-Man. OH, and if, for some reason, you haven't watched the movie yet, I'd suggest that you avoid reading this article. REALLY. SCRAM. Spoilers after you click "next" below...

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