The Amazing Spider-Man Exclusive 6-Minute 3D Preview Reactions

My reaction to a butt clenching 6 minute 3D preview of The Amazing Spider-Man that played with last night's UK press screening of Men in Black 3.

Last night I sat down to watch the UK press screening of "Men In Black 3", when Sony (the cheeky devils) announced that we would be granted not one, but two exclusive privileges. The first was that they showed the "Skyfall" teaser for the first time on the big screen €“ awesome! Then they said, €œput on those 3D glasses€, and we got a butt clenching 6 minute 3D preview of "The Amazing Spider-Man". For the most part it was the long international trailer in the third-dimension €“ which in and of itself was quite a spectacle. But interwoven with this trailer were actual sequences from the film. The first scene was a brief yet cutesy exchange between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey. It starts with Uncle Ben embarrassing lil€™ Petey by looking at Stacey and declaring, €œisn€™t that the girl on your computer?€... Uncle Ben you old rascal! Get out of here you wrinkly scamp! A blushing Peter jokes that Uncle Ben is a €œpathological liar.€ Then we get some sexual overtones and an ill advised turn of phrase that suggests Parker might somehow be electronically molesting images of Gwen€ but its all done very tastefully. That out the way lets gets on with the ass kicking! Remember the bridge scene from the 4-minute feature? Well now we have a short snippet of the lead up. A man sits in his car whilst Lizard tears it to pieces with his giant green claws. The crystal clear digital image and eye watering 3D comes into its own here, and the whole scene is guaranteed to induce a bowel movement or two €“ the CGI looks pretty clean. Some jaw dropping web-swinging shots left the audience looking on like gormless star gazers, and was accompanied by the word; €œcooooooool€ Its at this moment that you realize this character is a perfect match for 3D. The 1st person free running camera makes a brief appearance, but not enough to give us a strong idea of what to expect it to feel like. Then a couple of rapid cut fight scenes show how dynamic 3D can look. And to finish up, we get a better look at the Connors to Lizard transformation. By now, if you don€™t want to watch the film, then you probably never will. Sony are throwing everything they have at us, in an attempt to garner some attention for the movie, and this might just be the final turn of the screw. I€™m not usually one for the whole 3D gimmick. But after seeing what I did during those 6 minutes, inside that darkened screening room. I can definitely say that The Amazing Spider-man looks€.amazing! Book your 3D tickets immediately! It won't be long before the footage leaks online either intentionally or illegally. But do yourself a favour and wait, because the 3D just adds a whole new level of 'wow!" The Amazing Spider-Man is released Worldwide July 3rd.
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