The Angry Birds Movie Doesn't Look That Bad In The First Trailer

The perfect film to watch on your phone.

It's been the butt of jokes ever since it was announced - how can they make a game out of an app? - but maybe, just maybe, Sony's pulled The Angry Birds Movie off. The teaser trailer for the movie has just dropped (below) and I was oddly surprised by how good (or at least not bad) it looks. Scored to Michael Jackson's Bad, there looks to be more going on here than a story about birds catapulting themselves at pigs. I'm not expected something as jaw-droppingly awesome as The LEGO Movie, another film that was met with a high-level of scepticism before eventually winding up as one of the biggest Oscar-snubs of all time, but at the very least this appears to have a few things I didn't expect - defined character (it's hard to tell from the vignettes, but Jason Sudeikis' Red certainly doesn't seem to be an audience avatar) and strong world design among them. There is a long joke at the end about how Red can't be calm (because he's an Angry Bird, geddit?) which falls flat, but the animation looks pretty solid and there's a nice voice cast. Besides, it's not like other great animations haven't had trailers that didn't quite sell the movie's brilliance. What do you think? Let us know whether this teaser's turned you around or not down in the comments. Angry Birds is in cinemas May 2016.
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