The Avengers 2: 5 New Heroes To Expect & 5 That Need A Miracle

5 New Avengers To Expect

5. Ant-Man

ant-man cropped The original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, is a scientific genius and founding member of The Avengers. He has the power to alter his size at will using €œPym particles€. Pym particles are an unusual set of subatomic particles that he discovered. He can shrink himself down to the size of an ant (while retaining his normal strength), or grow into a giant, hundreds of feet tall with superhuman strength. He also has a cybernetic helmet of his own design (pictured above) that allows him to command an army of ants. Just as Pym€™s size constantly changing, his personality is also very unstable. Despite being one of the smartest people in the entire Marvel universe, he has significant self-esteem issues. He has at times suffered from schizophrenia, personality crises, and mental breakdowns and has contemplated suicide. He is well known for striking his wife at the time and fellow Avenger Wasp while in an unstable mental state. Pym is responsible for the creation of the robot Ultron based on his own brain patterns. Ultron rebelled against Pym to become one of the Avengers greatest adversaries. In one of his evil schemes, Ultron created the android Vision. Vision ironically rebelled against his creator too and became a very significant member of the Avengers. Why should we expect him? It has been confirmed that an Ant-Man film is set for release in November 2015, after The Avengers 2. It will be directed by Edgar Wright and it will start Phase 3 of the MCU. No casting has been confirmed, but some test footage has been released. The above image is from that test footage, which is well worth checking out. It remains to be seen whether Ant-Man will appear in The Avengers 2, but it is clear that Ant-Man will be joining the Avengers soon.

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