The Bad Moms Trailer Just Doesn't Know When To End

Parenting is hard, apparently.

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STX Entertainment

Bridesmaids may have been touted as the female Hangover, but Bad Moms is surely a better inheritor. Oh, not because being a rebellious stay-at-home Mom is the equivalent of a bonkers stag weekend, but because it's directed by the writing duo behind the 2009 smash-hit trilogy starter. Can we expect the same group comedy riffing on well-known tropes? Quite possibly - its legacy may be marred, but the original The Hangover is solid and the cast here includes Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate in a PTA war, which is a unique enough idea.

Although if it is, STX Entertainment (who bought the distribution rights from Paramount last year) are not quite sure how to market it.

A debut trailer's hit for the film and... it's not the best. Sure, there's a nice overview of the plot and just a tease of conflict, which is better than most comedy trailers manage, but it's edited in a way that's feels designed to hide a lack of jokes. There's only a few gags that hit and at the end there's no fewer than three sting joke set-pieces, none of which are that individually funny. To top it off, it comes in at three minutes long, bigger than any of Batman V Superman's extensive theatrical teases. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.


Have a look for yourself though and let us know what you thought down in the comments:

Bad Moms is in US cinemas from 29th July and UK cinemas from 19th August.

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